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Dixie Ems Otoscopes

The dixie ems otoscope is a basic student medical pocket otoscope that comes with a led light. The otoscope can see into the ear canal and begins to track the ear's activity with a basic sound reader system. It also has a built in microphone and speaker for providing information to a doctor or patient.

Dixie Ems Basic Student  Pocket Otoscope with Led Light

Dixie Ems Basic Student Pocket Otoscope with

By Brand: Dixie Ems

USD $10.88

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This is a fun and unique otsoscope that can be a fun addition to your dixieems classroom. The otoscope has a led light and pen light that will make your dixieems classroom stand out from the rest. This otoscope will be a popular addition to your classroom.
the dixie ems otoscopes are a great kit for checking your blood pressure and for other medical needs. The kit includes a dixie ems blood pressure and sprague stethoscope. This tool is perfect for checking for blood pressure values and other medical conditions.
this is a basic student medical otoscope with led light. It is perfect for use in attachedutors or aviators. It has a clear plastic body and a short, the otoscope is easy to use, the otoscope is easy to use, and has a short, sturdy arm. It can be used for medical procedures such as x-ray films, it is also perfect for students who want to watch their medical procedures without having to go to the hospital.